Senior Athlete Banners


The Marion Mustang Booster Club is proud to be able to sponsor Marion senior athletes/managers with a 2.5’ x 4’ sports banner. Each Senior athlete/manager will have a banner recognizing the sports that they participate in. The banners will be displayed at the Marion Fieldhouse through-out the entire school year and then will be presented to the Senior at the end of the school year. Outdoor sports will be allowed to have the banners brought down to have on display at their Senior night event. 

NOTE: If you have not had your Senior pictures taken yet or are unable for any reason please contact us and we can make arrangements to get a professional photo taken for you at no cost to make sure that you will receive a banner.

All information is due to Gwen Fischer by August 2, 2020. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything please contact Gwen at 715/250-1367 (text or call) or email [email protected]

In order for the banners to be created we will require the following information along with a High Resolution Senior Picture - Digital Image (sent via email to [email protected]).