Mindful Mustang Project

Marion Mindful Mustang Project

Are you interested in brightening up the walls and doors of Marion Elementary and Marion High School with motivational images and phrases??

Do you want to help and be part of a committee that will be making the decisions of what that will look and where in the schools it will be?

So, what is our goal?

Add Motivation, Inspiration, Niceness, Determination, Fun, Usefulness, and Love to the walls and doors of Marion Elementary and Marion High School. 

What does this look like?

Here are some examples but the possibilities are endless. This committee will determine the best locations in the schools and what will happen.

Mindful Mustang

How is this funded?

Marion Mustang Booster Club has committed a minimum of $5,000 to this project pending a plan presented by the formed committee and approved by the Marion School District.

Where and how do I sign up?

ACT FAST - at least seven members but no more than 12 will form this committee. The committee will be open to school faculty and staff, students, and community members. It will be filled on a first come first apply basis. Extra volunteers will be recorded and contacted if additional help is needed at a later date. 

Send an email to [email protected] or text a message to Gwen Fischer at 715-250-1367

What can I expect after I become a committee member?

You will be contacted to give availability for first meeting. Then the below process will be followed to ensure meetings are organized in order to be the most productive possible.
Process Outline 

Meetings will be 30-60 minutes

1st Meeting - Committee member contact information will be shared. The process will be discussed. Future meeting dates will be set.

  • Instructions to bring ideas with estimates for cost and time to the next meeting
  • Each person with an idea will need to register 2 days prior to the next meeting to get on the agenda

2nd Meeting - Ideas will be presented 

  • Each presenter will have 15 minutes max to present an idea
  • All ideas will be collected into one document that will be shared with the committee

3rd Meeting - Committee will review the ideas 

  • This meeting will be used for discussion, questions, and review of all the ideas and possibly brainstorming new ones if needed

4th Meeting - Committee will vote to determine the top 2-3 ideas

5th Meeting - Top 2-3 idea will be detailed out to include more precise cost and time estimates

6th Meeting - Committee will decide on the top ideas to present to the Marion Mustang Booster Club and School District for final approval